The old man broke the marathon world record over 60 years old, faster than the group that won the SEA Games medal

By | November 7, 2020

Mr. Tommy Hughes continued to surprise many people with another world record in men’s marathon content over 60 years old.

Just a month ago, Mr. Tommy Hughes (Irish nationality) broke the world record for the men’s half-marathon (21.0975km) over 60 when he completed the Antrim Coast Half Marathon 2020 held in Northern Ireland with achievements. 1 hour 11 minutes 09 seconds (1:11:09). His new record is better than the old record 1:11:26 by Martin Rees (UK) set in 2013 with 17 seconds.

On the surface, no one thinks Tommy Hughes is only 60 years old (born January 8, 1960) because of his little hair, wrinkled skin, and his old figure and physique. However, on the run, he was completely different when he ran at breakneck speed.

Mr. Tommy Hughes looked older than his 60 years old. Last weekend (October 25, 2020), at the Down Royal Marathon in Northern Ireland, Mr. Tommy Hughes decided to run 42,195km and finished with a time of 2:30:02. He broke the old record 2:36:30 by Mr. Yoshihisa Hosaka (Japan) at Beppu Marathon 2009. To complete this distance, he ran at an average speed of 3 minutes 33 seconds / km (pace 3:33) .

Despite the wrinkled appearance of someone over 70 years old, Mr. Tommy Hughes has the quality of a good marathon runner. At the age of 32, he represented the UK to attend the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and achieved 2:32:55 in the marathon.

His life has turned to a new page quite tragic when at the age of 50, he was heavily alcohol addicted, depressed, had osteoporosis, calcium-contaminated blood, etc. and seemed not to pass. But with his own efforts and the encouragement of his family, he successfully quit drinking and returned to running.