The boy ran 125 rounds of the stadium, breaking the impressive 50,000m world record

By | November 17, 2020

An American marathon runner has set a new world record in the 50,000m (50km) run with super impressive time.

Over the weekend, marathon runner CJ Albertson has successfully run 125 rounds of stadiums (400m / round) in California (USA), equivalent to 50,000m (50km) with a time of 2:42:30 (2 hours 42 minutes 30 seconds).

This achievement officially surpassed the old record 2:43:38 by Thompson Magawana (South Africa) made in 1988 more than a minute. That year, Thompson Magawana ran a total of 56km in… 3:03:44 at the 1988 Two Oceans Marathon at home, and this remains the world record for this distance.

Normally, the world record for marathon distance (42,195km) on the road and in the stadium will be reviewed and recognized separately. However, with the ultramarathon, there is no regulation, so the two records on the road are equal even though the performance in the stadium is always better than the road.

If calculating the individual parameters, CJ Albertson ran the following milestones:

10,000m: 32: 38.21 (32 minutes 38 seconds 21)

20,000m: 1: 05: 06.89 (32: 28.68)

30,000m: 1: 37: 31.11 (34: 58.56)

40,000m: 2: 10: 28.17 (32: 57.06)

50,000m: 2: 42: 30.28 (32: 02.11)

Particularly, the figure for 42.195m is 2:18:23, which is still very impressive achievement. The average speed for this player is 3 minutes and 15 seconds per 1 km (pace 3:15).

Despite having a speed-guide team, this 27-year-old still decided to run completely alone. This is not the only Albertson world record when in April 2019, he set the record for the fastest indoor marathon in the world with a record of 2:17:59 in New York City (USA). At that time, Albertson ran more than 200 laps in a 200m / lap indoor stadium. Albertson also currently has the best personal record for the 42,195km outdoor run at 2:11:49, performed at the US athlete selection to attend the 2021 Olympic Games in February.