Speed King Usain Bolt posted a photo mocking the athletic world

By | December 14, 2020

Usain Bolt’s Facebook page made waves with a recent photo and controversial comment, etc.

“The winners focus on how to win. The loser only notices the winner. Unless you are Usain Bolt what the hell you want to focus on”. That’s the general comment attached to a picture of Usain Bolt racing at a competition and turning to the camera to laugh, while the opponents were struggling to chase him to the finish line.

The photo received more than 110,000 interactive icons, more than 3,700 shares and more than 1,200 comments. Among them were many comments condemning, sarcasm, blaming about the attitude of “King of Speed” Usain Bolt, saying that he looked down on his opponent because he thought he was better than everyone else.

However, many comments also support “Lightning” on that action. “It sure seems easy to see him play. But few people know that behind it is his hard training. Social networks are cruel when they just bury others … “; “You criticize his attitude while playing, but really Bolt doesn’t have to play against the opponent. He was fighting himself and the clock”. It was one of many comments on a newly posted photo of Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt was dubbed the “King of Speed” when he held the world record for running 100m (9 sec 58) and 200m (19 sec 19). The star born in 1986 also belongs to the group of the most successful athletes in the Olympic arena in history when he won 8 gold medals, including the full set of two 100m and 200m gold medals at three consecutive Olympics. 2008, 2012, 2016), beside two men’s 4x100m relay medals (the Jamaican team also holds this distance world record with 36 seconds 84).

In the World Championship Athletics Tournament, Bolt is also the most successful athlete with 4 championships of 200 meters and three championships of 100 meters. He retired in 2017 and now lives with his girlfriend Kasi Bennett and 7-month-old daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt. A few months ago, Usain Bolt contracted COVID-19 after celebrating his 34th birthday party in his hometown of Jamaica.