Ethiopian girl set a record 21.1km at “The most dangerous race in the world in 2020”

By | November 30, 2020

Yalemzerf Yehualaw and fellow Ethiopians monopolize the biggest awards at the Delhi Half Marathon, the semi-marathon considered “the world’s most dangerous 2020”.

On November 29, 2020, 47 professional athletes in the world despite the dangers of air pollution and the complicated COVID-19 epidemic in the Indian capital New Delhi to attend the tournament the Delhi Half Marathon.

The Delhi Half Marathon is the first major run in India to be held since March, when the COVID-19 epidemic began to explode around the world. The capital New Delhi is considered one of the outbreaks when half a million people have been infected with COVID-19, out of a total of more than 9 million cases of this dangerous virus in India. The country is currently only inferior to the US in the number of infections and deaths caused by COVID-19 (approximately 138,000 people).

Delhi Half Marathon is considered one of the safest runners for athletes when the level of air pollution in New Delhi is always at an alarming rate.

In addition, the level of air pollution in New Delhi is always at red alert, becoming a hot topic when the city decides to hold a semi-marathon this year. However, the organizers still have plans to ensure safety for the athletes attending. 47 elites from many countries with developed long-distance movements such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda have gathered to compete.

The organizers also let more than 5,000 other movement athletes participate in the tournament in the form of virtual running, with the period from the beginning of the week to last Sunday to perform their run and then enter the results through an application to complete the contest.

In the running competition only for professional athletes, the Ethiopian athletes have shown their superiority when they monopolize the two most male and female positions. Yalemzerf Yehualaw not only became the new champion with a record of 1:04:46 (1 hour 4 minutes 46 seconds), but also broke the tournament’s old record by 1 minute 14 seconds to receive a total prize of $ 37,000 ( $ 10,000 for record breaking).

The 21-year-old girl became the second fastest 21.1km female runner in history, behind countryman Ababel Yeshaneh with 1:04:31 achievement, established on February 21, 2020 at the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon. (United Arab Emirates).

Yalemzerf Yehualaw overcame rival Ruth Chepngetich (Kenya) with a 1:05:06 record and it is Ababel Yeshaneh’s semi-marathon women’s world record holder, who finished third with a time of 1:05:21. The defending champion Tsehay Gemechu (Ethiopia) only finished 5th.

In the men’s content, Amdework Walelegn (Ethiopia) defeated fellow Andamlak Belihu, who won this tournament twice, with an impressive achievement: 58:53 (58 minutes 53 seconds). Walelegn had a dramatic close race and only won the opponent exactly 1 second. Stephen Kissa (Uganda) came in on three with a time of 58:56.